Sample Student Projects


Student Projects




20623:Introduction to Women’s Writing: Representations of Professional Women

Context website project assignment:

This project was built across the semester; groups turned in pieces every two weeks and then compiled the information into the web pages you see here. Throughout the process, groups shared their ideas and progress with the class, and all students voted on the theme and the title of the site.

The finished site is: 

20503: Major American Writers: Autobiography

Autobiographical Project:

In this class the students wrote short autobiographical pieces for their first essay. For their second essay they were required to transform that piece into a visual essay. I allowed for any and all kinds of projects, both digital and analog.


High School Musical Rap w/ Pictures :: A student portrays the story of her experience in a high school musical through song with accompanying pictures.

Instagram_ImportanceofSpanishinMyLife :: This student displays her journey to realizing the importance of the Spanish language in her life through Instagram posts.

Video_LifeinMyTwenties :: A student tells of his non-traditional route to college and the affect it has had on his life.


10803: Writing as Inquiry: Women in Science and Medicine

Proposal Assignment:

The students were required (in groups of 3/4) to create a proposal for an activity, program, item, or campaign that encouraged young women to get into and/or stick with the sciences broadly defined. They submitted both a visual representation of their ‘product’ and a written proposal. These pieces were graded on content, technique, creativity and fulfillment of the rubric.


Below is the inspirational video a group created for high school juniors to encourage them to consider STEM fields in college.


Here is the pitch one group created to sell their board game. The game is meant to show young girls that they can succeed in STEM fields despite any obstacles they may face.




20803: Writing as Argument

TCU Public Service Announcements:

The students worked in pairs to create a multi-modal argument to persuade or convince. They created a multimedia project (print ad, PSA, commercial, cartoon, set of memes or gifs etc. etc.) which persuaded or convinced their audience to take an action, use a product, have a belief etc. Their audience was the TCU community and they were required to think about products, issues, etc. that affect or could affect the population (students, grad students, faculty, staff) of TCU specifically. The rubric used can be found here.


One group created a series of Instagram inspired ads to promote awareness of what is appropriate for students to post on social media and the possible consequences of not being conscious of your social media profile.

Screenshot (45)   Instagram AdBP

Another created a cartoon video that suggests a fix for the parking problem on football game daysScreenshot (42)


All student work posted here is done so with full permission of the creator(s).