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Current Projects

Competency-Based Education STEM project: CO-PI

1) plan and develop a series of competency-based resources that will facilitate workforce development and learning for STEM students, with a focus on those students who have cognitive disabilities.

2) design and implement research measuring the impact of CBE on STEM learning for all students, as well as a subset of students who self- identify as having a cognitive impairment.

3) organize a one-day symposium on CBE in use at SUNY. This event will allow a forum to discuss this and other SUNY CBE projects as well as provide opportunities for researchers and SUNY faculty to network and form supportive communities of practice.

Faculty Needs Assessment Survey:  PI

In order to investigate the needs of our faculty and to gather the knowledge needed to create programs and allocate resources in a way that will better serve them, the faculty development team within the Educational Technologists have created a needs assessment survey. We are currently in the midst of gathering data.

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I am currently a doctoral candidate at Texas Christian University; my areas of study include long 19th century literature and Women’s Studies. I focus on science and medicine in 19th century women’s prose. While my current project focuses on strategies used by women in health fields in their autobiographical writings, I am interested in women in science and medicine more broadly as well. The links below will direct you to the digital archive I curate.

My Digital Archive

This archive is a collection of works that I have found, transcribed, and curated. It is a site which will evolve as I find new collections to add. Currently, there are two collections in the works. Here you will find documents in the life of Alice Hawkins Mulkey. In these documents Alice Hawkins and her soon to be husband Fletcher Mulkey participate in a cultural phenomenon of copying and repurposing documents from others. Here are the beginnings of the collection of Susan La Flesche Picotte’s diary and other documents.


Legacy, a journal in print since 1984, is a scholarly journal that focuses specifically on American women’s writing, broadly defined, from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries. They publish projects that examine the works of individual authors; genre studies; analyses of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexualities in women’s literature; historical and material cultural issues pertinent to women’s lives and literary works; and myriad other topics.
In 2014 the journal moved to a new website. I assisted the editors of this journal by transferring the contents of the picture gallery from the old site into this new format.