Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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Amanda Cutaia Barnett

Texas Christian University- Department of English, Reed Hall 402, Box 297270
2850 S. University Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76129



Texas Christian University:

PhD candidate in Literature

Graduate Certificate in New Media Composing and Teaching

Women and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate

Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification

Seton Hall University:

M.A. in English (Literature Track)

Southwestern University:

B.A. in Biology




Faculty Development Experience:

Texas Christian University                                  Graduate Assistant 2014-2017

Koehler Center for Instruction, Innovation, and Engagement


Faculty and Graduate Student Consultations:

1.       Assist faculty in using best practices to enhance their syllabus and gradebook

2.       Assist faculty in using best practices to enhance their use of D2L

3.       Assist faculty in solving LMS issues both over the phone and in person

4.       Graduate pedagogy course: comment on teaching statements from students across the university

5.       Workshops for new English graduate students (Ecollege and D2l)

6.       Gradebook workshop for English graduate instructors


Experience with Educational Technology:

7.       Work on all steps of Quality Assurance process of school-wide migration from eLearning to D2L: QA1: first look, QA2: second check, Fixing errors, imputing data, enrolling faculty

8.       Cataloguing errors and assisting in development of Quality Assurance protocols for migration

9.       Act as one of pilot faculty for D2L- share experience/concerns/issues with Koehler Center from myself and other faculty

10.   Edit online course to align with disability standards

11.   Attend and assist at workshop: TCU Online boot camp

12.   Scheduling rooms within room reservation systems

13.   Assist with keeping Smart Classroom technology updated and online

14.   Work in RSVP system to track faculty attendance at events


Problem Solving:

15.   CTL Library:

develop a solution for the library, research and implement fix, construct instructions for others, research and suggest new library additions on topics such as: critical thinking, active learning, diversity in the classroom, tenure and promotion

16.   Classroom Audit:

i.      Work with registrar to develop classroom audit spreadsheet

ii.      Audit classroom and reservable spaces across campus

iii.      Produce report and suggestions to registrar for enhancing classroom scheduling efficiency

iv.      Work with marketing dept. photographer to create picture evidence of each classroom

v.      Create definitions for classroom types across campus


Workshop Development:

17.   Assist with organizing materials for multiple workshops including New Faculty Orientation, active learning, and smart syllabus

18.   Develop advertising PowerPoint for Koehler Center events to be shown at New Faculty Orientation

19.   Created flyers for Koehler Center events (promotional materials)


Resource Development:

20.   Edit Faculty/Educational Development magazine

21.   Review and edit syllabus template used university wide

22.   Review and edit syllabus rubric given to faculty across campus

23.   Revise, update language for Koehler Center website

24.   Assist in preparing documents for distance learning compliance applications

25.   Work as pedagogical consultant to develop teaching materials in concert with Women Writers Online



Institutional Service:

University Instructional Development Committee (2016, 2017)

1.     Read grants submitted by faculty members, discuss grants, make funding decisions

English Department Faculty Search Committee (Fall 2016)

1.     Read applications, make decisions about who we interview and ask to campus

Women and Gender Studies Themed Semester Committee (Summer/Fall 2016)

1.     Plan events throughout the semester which link to the theme (politics) including speakers and class visits

2.     Organize and run a campus wide election watching party

3.     Assist in running other events as asked by other committee members

TCU Women and Gender Studies Symposium Programming Committee

1.     Write the Call For Papers, decide which submissions to accept, decide on a program

TCU Graduate Student Senate: Chair of Graduate Student Bill of Rights Committee

1.     Led graduate student volunteers in adapting Bill of Rights documents from other universities for presentation to the Dean of Graduate Students in order to secure a written set of rights for graduate students across the university.

TCU Women and Gender Studies Symposium Planning Committee

1.     Organize the location, food, and other logistics for the event

2.     Delegate to others on the committee both prior to and day of the event

3.     Run the program the day of the symposium

TCU Graduate Student Senate: Vice-President

1.     Plan and execute events (social and academic) for graduate students across the university

2.     Created fund for activity micro-grants to encourage students to plan their own interdepartmental events

3.     Revamped language of research and travel grants for clarity and purpose

4.     Joined nationwide group of schools to celebrate Graduate Student Appreciation Week

5.     Plan, coordinate, and execute events including a mentor luncheon for 50 people and stress relief activities

Legacy Journal: New Media Student Intern

1.     Create new section of a revamped Legacy website and populate the page with a gallery of images and information about women authors.

Seton Hall University English Department Review



Teaching Experience:

Doctoral Lecturer

     Texas Christian University

ENGL 20623- Intro to Women’s Writings:

Representations of Professional Women

This course examines women writers who create forms of expression. This special topics version focuses on women writers who have created representations of professional women. It includes fictional and non-fictional representations.

ENGL 10803T-Women in Science and Medicine (two sections)

This themed first-year writing course focuses on invention, critical reading, drafting, revision, and editing as students complete a range of writing tasks that include primary and secondary research. Both the readings and the compositions focus on past and current issues of women in fields of science and medicine.

ENGL 10103- Introduction to Fiction: Narratives of Health

Reading and analysis of fiction by a variety of authors. The special topics section covers an extensive time span and focuses on texts that portray narratives of health across North American cultures. Students examine the course texts in relation to the conventions of various genres and the cultural circumstances of composition.

Graduate Instructor (Instructor of Record),

       Texas Christian University

ENGL 20503- Major American Writers: Autobiography

This intermediate Literature course focuses on student interaction with American Literature and major themes in writing. In this special topics section, students read autobiographical texts and focus on representations of the self across North American cultures.

ENGL 10133- Introduction to Literature: Nature, Nurture and the Supernatural

Reading and analysis of a variety of genres by a variety of authors. The course covers an extensive time span from 1700s to present. Students will become familiar with interpretive strategies and will examine the course texts in relation to literary antecedents, the conventions of various genres, literary analysis as a research method, and the cultural circumstances of composition.

ENGL 20803- Writing as Argument

This second-year writing course focuses on argument, rhetoric, and critical thinking. Students perform primary and secondary research. Students work individually and collaboratively to read, research, and compose effective arguments.

ENGL 10803- Writing as Inquiry

This first-year writing course focuses on invention, critical reading, drafting, revision, and editing as students complete a range of writing tasks—from personal narratives to argument essays—that include primary and secondary research.

Teaching Fellow (Instructor of Record),

       Seton Hall University, New Jersey

ENGL 1201- Core English 1

Core composition class which includes structured exercises in writing and revising short essays based on themes suggested by representative non-fiction readings.

ENGL 1202- Core English 2

Core composition class based on representative readings in the three major genres of fiction, poetry, and drama. Training in methods of library research and the mechanics of citation, quotation, and paraphrase in the writing of longer research papers.

Writing Tutor for Athletes, Seton Hall University, New Jersey 2012-2013
Instructor, University of Telavi, The Republic of Georgia: English: Grammar and Vocabulary for Faculty 2011


Honors and Awards:

Research Travel Grant: Graduate Studies Fall 2017
Global Outlook Institute Fellow Spring/Summer 2017
English Department Travel Grant Fall 2016
Tri-Iota: Women and Gender Studies Honor Society Fall 2015-present
English Department Travel Grant Fall 2015
Texas Christian University Green Fellow 2013-2014
New Jersey College English Association Graduate Student Paper Prize 2012



“The Personal in the Professional: A 19th Century Hangover.” Witches and Wives, Lady Science no. 31. April 21st, 2017
“Graduate Student Symposium” Spectrum, Women and Gender Studies Newsletter Spring 2016


Selected Conference Presentations:

“Rejecting Male Authority, The Proto-New Woman in Hannah Gardner Creamer’s Delia’s Doctors,” South Central Modern Languages Association: Dallas, Texas November 2016.
“Harriot Hunt’s Labor,” Society for the Study of American Women Writers: “Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives,” Philadelphia, PA November 2015
“The Non-gendered Environment: Converging Nature and Culture in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Dred,” Natures Conference : “Paving the Way: Roads, Rivers, and Railways in Culture and Criticism,” La Sierra University California, February 2014 
Figurative Cross-Dressing: Males in Feminine Roles in The Coquette and Jane Talbot,” 36th Annual New Jersey College English Association Conference, Seton Hall University New Jersey, March 2013
“How will the Social Order Shift? Impotence and the Gaze in Daisy Miller,” Shifting Tides, Anxious Borders Conference: “Reimagining the New World(s),” Binghamton University New York, April 2012


Professional Affiliations:

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
Modern Language Association
Society for the Study of American Women Writers


Professional Development:

Invited Speaker: American Rhetoric and Culture Interest Group
Leader: American Cultural Interest Group at TCU:

Responsible for setting meetings, planning and leading events

Member: Women’s Studies Reading Group, Nineteenth-Century Reading Group, American Culture Interest Group, Critical Theory Reading Group
Attendee: Seton Hall University Faculty Development Meetings