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This is a scan of the front side of the document

This is a scan of the front side of the document

Notes on the Text

This poem, which has been copied from its original with the names of the girls changed, was found in a folder labeled Mulkey, Alice Hawkins at the University of North Texas Special Collections. An article in the TEXAS REPUBLICAN (Marshall, Texas), July 13, 1861, p. 4, c. 1 describes the event in which this poem was first used.

“At a flag presentation on the 25th of May, at Bellefonte, Ala., to the Jackson Hornets, the following young ladies stepped forward, one by one, representing the seceded States as they left the old Confederacy carrying with them all those rights and liberties bequeathed to them by our ancestors of the Revolution, repeating the following beautiful, appropriate, and patriotic lines, written and composed by Laura Lorrimer, one of Tennessee’s most-gifted poetesses:”


The Transcription

Miss Nannie Champ- South Carolina
First to rise against oppression;
In this glorious Southern land;
Home of dead and living heroes,
South Carolina takes her stand

Miss Mattie Parker- Florida
And I come with greeting sisters,
Where, amid her orange [bowers],
Wave fair Florida her scepter,
Browned with rarest, sweetest flowers

Miss Ella Slater- Georgia
Lo! ^and Georgia uprising,
Burning with the blood of yore,
Sends her children forth to conquer
Peace from haughty foes once more

Miss [Sara Wyman]- Alabama
In the new-born arch of glory,
Lo! where shines the central star,
Alabama and her radiance
Never cloud of shame shall mar.

Miss Mattie Sweatt- Mississippi
Sisters! room for Mississippi!
Well she knows the martial strains;

(Cont. on Untitled Poem: Side 2)

The poem can also be found in a compilation of works entitled Personal and Political Ballads edited by Frank Moore and published in 1864 in New York. The work contains ballads from “various sources, Rebel as well as National, and are presented to the reader without note or comment.”

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Poem Copied from Original Newspaper source with names changed

Alice Hawkins Mulkey

UNT Special Collections


Civil War Museum

Civil War Collection




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