Documents in the Life of Alice Hawkins Mulkey

The documents in this archive are poems that have been copied and repurposed both by her and for her by her then beaux, Fletcher Mulkey. The scans of the original documents have been provided Courtesy The Civil War Collection, University of North Texas Special Collections. This particular archive was created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a course at Texas Christian University entitled Research in Early Minority Literature directed by Dr. Cedric May.




Alice Hawkins Mulkey

was born on December 4th 1848 in Texas and died on June 15th 1927. Other than this there is very little biographical information available about her. Her birthplace is simply listed as Texas. I have thus far been unable to find a birth announcement or certificate for her. Her parents were B F Hawkins and Mary Pinwell; their birth places are also unknown.

She is buried with her husband John Fletcher Mulkey in Waxahachie, Texas. Fletcher, as he is called by Alice and her parents in letters, was born in May 1837 and died in January of 1925. He was born in Tennessee and although his parents were born in Kentucky (mother) and Georgia (father), they are all buried in this cemetery.