Administrative Experience


During my time at TCU I have served on numerous committees both for the English Department and the Women and Gender Studies Department. These gave me experience with all stages of planning and executing large scale events, such as a whole campus Election Watch Party and multiple research symposia for Graduate students across disciplines. These events required delegation of tasks, handling schedules, organizing logistics, and collaborating with colleagues. 


Innovating/Trouble Shooting:

I have worked two years as Graduate Assistant in the Koehler Center for Instruction, Innovation, and Engagement. During my tenure there I worked with faculty and graduate students, answering questions about learning management systems, syllabi, and assignment design, during open labs and over the phone.

I was part of a team which completed the migration of Learning Management Systems (from Pearson’s Learning Studio to Desire to Learn (D2L)). I helped create and refine the system used for recording and managing information for the migration.

I worked with the registrar to complete an audit of classrooms on campus in order to enhance scheduling efficiency across campus.


Managing Students/Projects

In my five years teaching college students, I have managed up to seventy students at a time both during, and outside of, class time. I have led committees in executing campus-wide events. In my work at the Koehler Center I managed projects from creating a library system to completing the classroom audit.

See my CV for more details.