PhD Candidate//Faculty Development

19th C. American Lit//Women and Gender Studies

          I am a doctoral candidate at Texas Christian University (graduating in May 2019) and an Educational Technologist at SUNY Empire State College who is interested in teaching and administration in its many varied forms. I have a Women and Gender Studies certificate, a certificate in New Media Composing and Teaching, and a Graduate Student Pedagogy Certificate. I have experience working with faculty and graduate students from across the university; creating workshops, webinars, and training materials; supporting a variety of educational technologies including LMSs; and coming up with creative ways to reach faculty (like podcasts).

       My areas of study include American literature from Beginnings to 1913 with special consideration of 19th Century American literature and a focus on science and medicine in 19th century prose. I am currently writing a dissertation titled American Women in Health Fields: Cultural Positioning in Autobiographical Literature, 1847-1910. This study examines how women of science use autobiographical literature to position themselves within the framework of shifting scientific and social norms. The women in this project (including Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Dr. Harriot Hunt, Susie King Taylor, Dr. Susan Picotte, and others) challenge the models of discourse that were available to them. The matrix of discourse within which each woman resided affected the tools available to her; however, we can ascertain certain common strategies and these strategies are investigated here.